Pastel Perfect

pretty pastels


Colors aren’t just for the “wilder” sides now-a-days. They can be for the sweeter ladies, the power women, the go with the flow gals too. 

Over the last few years across several runways I’ve seen designers incorporate hints of color in their models’ hair. Not usual for high end fashion, but in recent years it has been. In fact back in February when I was backstage Herve Leger for New York Fashion week, the statement made from each model’s hair were the streaks of color sprouting from their sleek pony tails. I was a bit surprised at the mix of high end clothing being paired with a practice that is usually seen on youthful girls going through a rebellious phase. I was however, entertained by the contrast. 


Who was bringing that back anyway? Was it Katy Perry’s doing? I don’t know, and regardless of where its roots came from I decided, after much deliberation, to try it myself. Because, why not? I’m a twenty something, and this is the only time I have most appropriate to make drastic changes. Fifty years from now might be a little too late. So that was that. I had seen it popping up within my office. A woman in the creative dept. had all shades of lavender and violet draping her head. The director of color and fabric had just tipped her locks in red. A designer in accessories weaved a hot pink into her pony tail. It had been several years since I had an actual color in my hair other than blonde and my natural. It was middle school to be exact. But the rules have been re-written, or rather thrown out. Color is for anyone, and not just for the young ones anymore.

I picked up an easy at home kit from Target. $6.99 for Garnier. Go to any drug store I’m sure they’ll have plenty. Sally’s probably has the best in both temporary and permanent, and if you’re too scared to do it yourself, then yes go book an appointment with your usual! But mine is temporary and doing it at home was so easy! Need ideas? Pinterest was the perfect go to, thats where I went. Typed in “Hair color streaks.” No joke, and got a million ideas. Don’t have the pinterest app on your phone? Just google it, a million more pictures will come up. 

It didn’t take me much effort, and I had a new look. It was fun, bold, different. I wore it to the office (yes my office) and they liked it too. The best part? I am not stuck with it forever. Two days have gone by and it is already fading out. Will I color it again? Yes probably, and maybe even try out some of the other pastel colors. 

So go for it….Color your world! (Send me pics! Show me your colors! I’d love to feature them on my website and my fashion blog). 

pretty pastels results


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