#frugalfashionista : fabulousity – fashionista’s fav read

Well it’s one of mine anyway. It’s like the fabulous and glamorous version of the book “the secret.” I’m not a super fan of Kimora lee Simmons but the book is plain awesome! It’s so inspiring and motivating. It’s a great confidence builder for those down days too. I’ve read it once and I’m reading it again after several years.

Stay fabulous!

Much love – MA


#frugalfashionista : navy nails

You love those black nails. And how could you not, they’re so chic and they go with everything. But sometimes you want something that feels new.

Try another deep shade like burgundy, or navy. These deep shades have the same chic effect, just a new taste for your usual black claws.

My fav navy of the moment: “577 dark huemoor” from Sally Hansen’s salon collection

Much love -MA


#frugalfashionista : nothing better than a little lace and leather

I’m not a huge supporter of valentines day whether I’m single or taken, but it is around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than in some sexy attire…sexy and personal attire?

I didn’t the buy pieces necessarily for valentines day, but more so for the Europe trip. Bc why not? Why not spoil myself and my lucky man?

Be playful, be cute, sweet and sexy! And it doesn’t require stripping your wallet…just stripping some layers 😉

I tend to luck out on fun finds at Burlington. But be careful, there are some that look truly cheap, like pole dancer uniform status! My best advice when browsing those racks. Pick delicate lady like colors: black, nude, grey, pastels, and then red for a more daring side.

Much love – MA



#frugalfashionista : Shake it like a Polaroid picture

I can’t wait to take this with me on my trip to Europa soon!

Yes I have an iPhone and even a nice digital camera. But I noticed that whether I post the photos or store them, itsnot as often that I look back at them. The thing I like about the Polaroid is that you get to hang them up, display them and so you’re reminded more often of some of your favorite moments.

In just a few weeks my boyfriend and I will be traveling to Europe for the third time together and I couldn’t think of a more fun and nostalgic way to cherish and appreciate some of our favorite moments of this trip.

Though it’s not the original Polaroid camera, the fuji instax is a fun re-birth of the vintage classic. Plus, most of it’s reviews were very positive. And for my own personal review, I have yet to shout any complaints.

Much love – MA