#frugalfashionista : war against wrinkles

I’m only in my 20s but I believe in starting early when it comes to maintenance. I have a daily moisturizer, but I found a great night cream too. Olay is said to be one of the better guys out there but if you look carefully, walmart has strategically placed their branded version of the Olay products right beside them. And if you are smart about it you’ll read the ingredients of both brands and realize they’re exactly the same. The only difference? The pretty name and the pretty packaging.

Much love – MA


4 thoughts on “#frugalfashionista : war against wrinkles

    • I have both olay and equate products. I have olay for the day and then discovered the equate version so decided to purchase that one for night. So far so good. I wake up to smooth skin, plus it smells good. The ingredients of both brands are exactly the same, they both work, one is just slightly less money than the other.

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      • You’re so smart checking out the ingredients my boyfriend always tells me to about the store brands because most of the time they’re the same! I need a new night lotion so I’ll have to give it a try!


  1. I learned to check ingredients from my boyfriend too! It’s not always the case, but every so often generic isn’t any different than the brand name. If you do want to spend extra money, I used to use a night serum from Estée Lauder….it worked very well, but was a bigger investment!


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