#frugalfashionista : bikini buys

Yep, its almost that time….or I guess in some places its already here.

Target is ready for you with their buy one get one half off and I was all about it. They have a print/colorway in almost every trending category too: color blocking, aztec, fringe, flounce, cut outs, bustiers, and so on. Not too shabby for a mass retailer.

Much Love – MA


#frugalfashionista : acting cray, going grey!!


If you’ve followed me on insta, or even on here long enough, you know I’m a freak with my hair. I get bored so easily and am so inclined to try crazy. Maybe not bald level crazy, but color crazy.


I decided to go grey this time and its probably my favorite of all the colors i’ve done.
If you’ve never gone the DIY route on coloring your hair and are paranoid, I highly suggest having it done professionally. However, if you’re not afraid of risk and are willing to do a little google research, go the money saving route and def DIY it yourself. You’ll need the lightening powder/bleach – $3+ @sallys, developing cream – $2+ @sallys, and the Platinum blonde toner – $5+ also @sallys. I mean really…..$10+ compared to upwards of $200….just rattles me a little sometimes. Nothing against getting it professionally done of course, when I want a particular look and I don’t know how to do it myself (which is often) I always have it done. But most of the time I’m just playing around. So $10 to play around is great for me.

Have fun and get wild fashionistas!

Much Love – MA

#frugalfashionista : #bossgirl

Great read. I’m already saying this and I’m not even done with it yet. So inspiring and yet humorous. I love stories that show come one coming above their tough situations. This is one of them. While I bought mine at Barnes you can most certainly find it for cheaper online. I was just too impatient to wait!

Much love – MA

#frugalfashionista : Nordstrom rack nights

Nordstrom rack nights must be the Tuesday night thing to do. I met a friend out for a shopping dinner date and ran into three other designers. I was in the fitting room when in strolls the footwear designer with a handful of dresses. We were mid conversation about how to alter the dress when another designer from our sister company overhears us and introduces herself. 

After that fun little meeting I head up to the cash wrap to complete my purchase and again run into another designer who had worked with me but is now at express. 

Funny how tonight seemed to be the “it” night. 

As for my purchase, I made good with ANOTHER pair of black booties to add to my already extensive collection. 

Much love – MA

#frugalfashionista : presenting big ideas

We had a design edits meeting that day, and it would be the first time that I got to present for the team. I was presenting our doll clothes concept. So naturally I needed to be extra sharp. 

I loved how loud this pink necklace was especially against the black and white print. So there it was nice and clear! A loud statement! My presentation was too of course 😉

Much love – MA

#frugalfashionista : more macaroons pour moi

I’ve found it a rare sighting for macaroons in the states, even in the major metropolitan cities. Luckily I found one small bakery a city over that sells them, but they’re quite expensive, so when I buy from them it’s usually a special treat. 

And Of course, after all my wishing that more bakeries in the states would take an interest in producing macaroons, I would stumble across them in the monopoly of a retailer who has “everything.” Never did I imagine that walmart of all places would carry these goodies. 

Sure enough in their frozen dessert section sits a box of 12 macaroons. I finally thawed them out today for my after dinner treat. They aren’t nearly as divine as fresh ones but they do the trick and are still quite tasty. Feeling a little nostalgic for Paris? Here you go…

Much love – MA 

#frugalfashionista : mcdonalds macaroon mania

Ok so laduree is a must when vacationing in Paris, but if you’ve “been there done that” then you know there’s no need to be paying 2.5 euros per one macaroon! 

I love laduree for all it’s splendor, but I also love macaroons, but I don’t love the idea of spending all my money on so few. Well lucky for you almost every mcdonalds in Europe has an exquisite extension of a mc cafe that we don’t have in the states. And that mc cafe in Paris includes one that has macaroons….and at 4.5 euros for 6 pieces! Sounds better doesn’t it? They still taste quite yummy too for their value. 

Much love – MA