#frugalfashionista : acting cray, going grey!!


If you’ve followed me on insta, or even on here long enough, you know I’m a freak with my hair. I get bored so easily and am so inclined to try crazy. Maybe not bald level crazy, but color crazy.


I decided to go grey this time and its probably my favorite of all the colors i’ve done.
If you’ve never gone the DIY route on coloring your hair and are paranoid, I highly suggest having it done professionally. However, if you’re not afraid of risk and are willing to do a little google research, go the money saving route and def DIY it yourself. You’ll need the lightening powder/bleach – $3+ @sallys, developing cream – $2+ @sallys, and the Platinum blonde toner – $5+ also @sallys. I mean really…..$10+ compared to upwards of $200….just rattles me a little sometimes. Nothing against getting it professionally done of course, when I want a particular look and I don’t know how to do it myself (which is often) I always have it done. But most of the time I’m just playing around. So $10 to play around is great for me.

Have fun and get wild fashionistas!

Much Love – MA

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