#frugalfashionista: essays with Emerson

After a Saturday full of shopping and great finds, Sunday’s morning is more tranquil. 

My week had been bustling with preparations for meetings and design coordinations. The weekend was a shopping filled one and then topped off with Italian dining and entertainment. Today I woke up with the eagerness to start my day with me myself and I. I popped out of bed to change the k cup for a fresh one and then pushed the blue lit button for my fresh cup of a breakfast blend. On my way to the couch, I reached for my new-old copy of essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson in passing. After pulling aside my white drapes I fixed myself underneath the plush faux fur throw, reached for a few sips of the steaming coffee and then turned open the pages of my new book. 

In truth he isn’t so new hence my “new old” reference earlier. It was a lucky and happy find at yesterday’s thrift store venture. With his signature on the cover and the publishing stamp from 1926 it was a find I would purchase in a heart beat, and I did for only $1.99. I love classic literature and transcendentalist writings. I have a nerdy weak spot for it. 

So happy Sunday!

Much love-MA


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