#frugalfashionista : gold for grabs

I tend to have that typical fashionista bad habit of grabbing things I didn’t intend to buy. This time it was this pair of BCBGeneration gold sandals. But how could I not? $15! Plus it’s that time of season. So I went for the gold and yes I felt like a winner. 

Much love -MA


#frugalfashionista : bargaining for Betsy j

Betsy johnson was probably one of my first favorite designers ever! I resignate with the pink and glitter and frills (probably why I’m a designer at justice) and I even used her as part of the inspiration behind my interview project for justice. 

I just got my new BMW and so naturally I need a new decor for the mirror. Her sale price arrived just in time. 

Much love – MA


#frugalfashionista : presenting big ideas

We had a design edits meeting that day, and it would be the first time that I got to present for the team. I was presenting our doll clothes concept. So naturally I needed to be extra sharp. 

I loved how loud this pink necklace was especially against the black and white print. So there it was nice and clear! A loud statement! My presentation was too of course 😉

Much love – MA

#frugalfashionista : souvenir savings 

As promised in an earlier post, im sharing my little souvenir finds! 

You know, those same old cheesy souvenirs of shot glasses, mugs, hats, keychains, tshirts, monument replicas…..and on and on. But you can’t help but fall for them because you want something to keep for memory. They might be cheesy, but if you pick the right ones they can still be meaningful and quite nostalgic, instead of the annoying dust collectors that you eventually shove away in a box. 

1.Loved him! For one I love cats, two I love and drink coffee religiously and three “chat noir” is quite iconic for Paris. Who doesn’t want a vintage Cabernet slapped on their morning coffee?

2. Remember when baby spice made the British flag dress such a hot statement in the 90s? Well baby spice, I’m going to make this hat the next one! Ok so maybe I don’t have that much convincing power but I still couldn’t get over this hat for myself. I liked the neutral colors with the red pop and most of all I liked the iconic British flag.


3.Everything is cuter in mini size! Vespas are all over Europe! Picked one up for my sister and a friend. They were just so adorable and very reminiscent of the culture in Rome.

This is the kind of gift for someone who appreciates tradition and something a little more artsy- crafty. I thought the hand painted tile was beautiful and the illustration a good representation of a Spanish tradition.

Don’t be afraid to be the cliche tourist every once in a while. Pick wisely, things that are an emotional purchase for you and you’ll have souvenirs that could bring on a smile of memories for a lifetime! 

Much love – MA

#frugalfashionista : sparkle and shine that statement is mine 

Hello fashionistas! I took a mini hiatus from posting while away in Europe, but still have plenty to share with you all! 

It’s been a week since I’ve been back and I still haven’t completely unpacked, but once I do I have many little souvenirs to share with you. In the mean time I have my usual fantastic fashion finds. 

I recently went into walmart for some quick grocery and stumbled across these gems! They’re usually $10 and I’ve picked up a few in the past, but this time around they were marked down. I loveeeee statement necklaces and I always found it quite surprising that they were available in a mass market Mecca like walmart, but if I didn’t tell you where they were from you would think they were from a boutique like Francesca’s. They look that good, and the prices even better. Sure beats the Francesca’s $30 a piece. 

Take a look for yourself! 

Much love – MA

#frugalfashionista : navy nails

You love those black nails. And how could you not, they’re so chic and they go with everything. But sometimes you want something that feels new.

Try another deep shade like burgundy, or navy. These deep shades have the same chic effect, just a new taste for your usual black claws.

My fav navy of the moment: “577 dark huemoor” from Sally Hansen’s salon collection

Much love -MA