#frugalfashionista : even more lace and leather

So I’ve read that men are stimulated by the color red?

Happy valentines day ladies! Or whatever special night you feel like celebrating 😉

Much love – MA



#frugalfashionista : nothing better than a little lace and leather

I’m not a huge supporter of valentines day whether I’m single or taken, but it is around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than in some sexy attire…sexy and personal attire?

I didn’t the buy pieces necessarily for valentines day, but more so for the Europe trip. Bc why not? Why not spoil myself and my lucky man?

Be playful, be cute, sweet and sexy! And it doesn’t require stripping your wallet…just stripping some layers 😉

I tend to luck out on fun finds at Burlington. But be careful, there are some that look truly cheap, like pole dancer uniform status! My best advice when browsing those racks. Pick delicate lady like colors: black, nude, grey, pastels, and then red for a more daring side.

Much love – MA