#frugalfashionista: local love 

Ive lived in various locations and plan to continue that for a while but ohio will always be my home state. This was definitely one of the cutest and yet simplest ways to show some local love. 

Right in the short north district amid many other shops sits tigertree. I plucked this charmer off one of their cabinet shelves. Only $14! 


Much love -MA


#frugalfashionista : O-H-I-O

Victoria’s Secret gets me every time with their bling-ed out collegiate wear…yet I never purchase any of it bc the thought of their $30 tanks and $32 school shirts make my head hurt. HELLOOO I work in fashion I know how much that cost them to make and how much money they’re making off of consumers, eugh no thank you. So i finally stumbled across a super cute sequined collegiate tank at Marshall’s!

If you don’t know already I am a dear buckeye fan. Paying $15 rather than double the price just made way more sense to me! 

Much love – MA 

Vs option: $29 

Marshall’s option: $15