#frugalfashionista: sometimes the best things are free…and flannel?Ā 

I’ve been in the sewing zone all night. I was purging samples at work and found fabric that would have been thrown away. I decided to salvage it for myself and make something with it later. Sure enough to I brought it home and whipped up and asymmetrical top. Cute? 

After that I decided to pull out the fabric I bought over thanksgiving weekend and make myself a pair of flannel lady boxers with adorable reindeer on them. This the season! If you like them, they’ll be in the pinkbow store soon! Stay posted and I’ll let you know when. 

Much love -MA 

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#frugalfashionista : frugal fine dining

I was out at dinner with the rest of my design team and one of our vendor teams. We were at Cameron Mitchell’s “Ocean Club,” which serves up a reputation of wonderful dishes. One of the other designers and I ordered this fantastic $30+ plate of teriyaki salmon. I was so pleased with it I wanted to try the recipe for myself.

While I am absolutely no professional culinary artist, I looked up a recipe and decided to give it a shot. I found this one on cookingclassy.com. While my plate at ocean club was a little more than $30, it only cost me about $30 to make two entrees, mussels for appetizer, and maybe another $10 for our Pinot Grigio.

The sauce was almost as good as I remember it being from the restaurant. My boyfriend certainly had no opposition to the plate, he loved it.

With valentines day around the corner, this plate might be for you too! Give it a shot. Tell me what you think! I’ve included the recipe below.

Much love – MA




#frugalfashionista : busy building an empire

Marshall’s had one planner left and target’s offering’s didn’t exactly appease me. So I took my co-workers advice and decided to build my own.

Target did have cute mini binders, and small filler pages for it which included monthly and weekly calendars. I am a plan freak and a calendar queen. So the idea of building my own and tailoring to my needs was heaven! It’s complete with a to do list and color coded post it’s on the inside cover!

Talk about plan perfect! But let’s be serious plans don’t always work out perfectly šŸ˜‰

Much love – MA