#frugalfashionista : fashion face

I’ve been eyeing the too faced chocolate bar palette since I had seen the tutorial by Marianne Ramos. But spending $50 on a palette was hard to bite on. 

This past Xmas my new boss gave me a gift card to Sephora. It was such an awesome gesture. I knew exactly what I was going to purchase with it. When I found the time I headed to Sephora and picked out my semi sweet chocolate bar palette. 

Filled with an array of fun colors and scents of subtle sweetness I was a happy customer. I even walked out with a second item of Sephora brand contour/highlighting stick seeing as I was running out of my smashbox version. 

$49 too faced palette

$20 contour/highlight duo stick

Worth the investment!

Much love – MA 

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#frugalfashionista : great value for great quality makeup

I hate to be a hater but drugstore make up is never a good frugal option for good quality and lasting results, In my opinion and experience anyway. I used drug store make up throughout highschool and used to think people who spent more than $8 on makeup pieces were crazy….until I tried it myself.

Have you ever looked at someone in passing, so well put together, face glowing? FACE GLOWING and smooth?! It wasn’t until after I started trying out higher end make ups that I realized my face could achieve those flawless looks too!

Better make up doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank. Some of my favorites still remain in the $20 area. Not bad for flawless!

MAC lips – the thing I love about MAC is that they have almost everything in the color palette that you can’t always find in drugstores! My personal favorites, the nude palette. Even now I find it impossible to find nudes that work or even exist in drug stores. My personal favorite “creme de nude”

Urban decay, blackout eyeshadow – lasts long and has never caked on me

Bare minerals finishing powder – gives your face that photo finish clean smooth matte look. It especially helps when your face gets oily quick. I tried to use a drugstore brand to test it out as a cheaper option…def a waste of my $11.

Treat your face a little 🙂 you’ll love the results.

Much love -MA