#frugalfashionista: Mary, queen of (new) England 

I love “hippie” headbands and have become even more so obsessed with these Grecian style leaf headbands as of late. There’s varieties out there but so far this one that wraps around from the back is my favorite. It doesn’t help that my latest netflix obsession is with the TV show reign. In the show Queen Mary Stuart has a new gold crown head band everyday! I’m obsessed with not only her crowns but her immaculate costume collection! My name is after all Mary, I do live in New England….I can be a queen too if I so desire. 

Much love -MA 

#frugalfashionistas : well halo there lady

Happy Friday fashionistas!
Our VP’s granted us a half day today for the teams’ hard work. While donning my gold “halo,” I’m watching Devil Wears Prada and testing out my new matte black nail polish. Check out a later post to come to see if it turns out.

Much love – MA