#frugalfashionista: local love 

Ive lived in various locations and plan to continue that for a while but ohio will always be my home state. This was definitely one of the cutest and yet simplest ways to show some local love. 

Right in the short north district amid many other shops sits tigertree. I plucked this charmer off one of their cabinet shelves. Only $14! 


Much love -MA


#frugalfashionista’s fabulous birthday

25th birthday. Mine. A quarter of your life has gone by. That’s a pretty significant mile marker to me and so I felt I would treat myself. I’m in love with Kate Spade’s dainty jewelry. So simple, clean, and flirty. They have their zodiac collection of charm bangles out, and while I’m usually not one for zodiac jewelry I couldn’t get over how sweet these ones were. Each zodiac sign had it’s own special saying on the back, and I felt that mine couldn’t be more fitting! 

“She imagines the possibilities” 

Happy 25th birthday to me! 

Much love -MA


#frugalfashionista : presenting big ideas

We had a design edits meeting that day, and it would be the first time that I got to present for the team. I was presenting our doll clothes concept. So naturally I needed to be extra sharp. 

I loved how loud this pink necklace was especially against the black and white print. So there it was nice and clear! A loud statement! My presentation was too of course 😉

Much love – MA

#frugalfashionista : sparkle and shine that statement is mine 

Hello fashionistas! I took a mini hiatus from posting while away in Europe, but still have plenty to share with you all! 

It’s been a week since I’ve been back and I still haven’t completely unpacked, but once I do I have many little souvenirs to share with you. In the mean time I have my usual fantastic fashion finds. 

I recently went into walmart for some quick grocery and stumbled across these gems! They’re usually $10 and I’ve picked up a few in the past, but this time around they were marked down. I loveeeee statement necklaces and I always found it quite surprising that they were available in a mass market Mecca like walmart, but if I didn’t tell you where they were from you would think they were from a boutique like Francesca’s. They look that good, and the prices even better. Sure beats the Francesca’s $30 a piece. 

Take a look for yourself! 

Much love – MA

#frugalfashionista : tonal statement necklace

Make a striking statement at $10!

Is that even possible? I couldn’t believe when I saw it, in fact making a stop there to see if they’ve added new pieces has become a regular thing for me.

<br />

It’s almost embarrassing seeing as this retailer has become the ultimate butt of retail fashion jokes, if it even makes it into conversation anyway. But for how beautiful these are, who cares! I’ve received numerous compliments on mine.


Stand out, make that statement with a steal!

Much love -MA