#frugalfashionista: fun fashion fixes

Happy Friday!

I wanted to take today’s post to share some fun fashion hacks for when you fashionista’s need a quick and easy fashion fix or when you encounter an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. The best part is that the tips involve things you most likely have already, so they’re full on #frugalfashionista approved.

You can be your best dressed on most days, but we all know that fashion doesn’t always fall into place smoothly. I have just the tips you need for those “falls.” See ahead!

Getting Ready in the Morning: 

When you’re having a late morning, you’ve out slept you’re alarm, or you’re like me and you just have that continuously bad habit of getting out of bed slowly because you’re not a morning person…nevertheless you know you need to be at work by 9 or in that history of costume class by 8:45.

-your usual 20 minute make up routine…..in a day where eyebrows have become everyone’s obsession and the focus of memes (since cara delevigne brought them back), maybe they should be your main focus too. Running late? forget the routine, cut down the time and slap on the foundation then draw in and shape those brows. You’ll feel bare at first, but you’ll project a natural look. At the very least your brows are now front and center, they’ll appear bolder and frame your face! (and most importantly you’ll make it to your meeting!)

-no time to wash and dry that hair? Thats fine, I know I’ve had many of those days with all nighters in college. Befriend a can of dry shampoo, or hairspray brush and baby powder. Dry shampoo with a few quick sprays, works like a charm. If you don’t have that, you can always tease your hair and top it off with a light brush of baby powder. They say washing your hair every other day can be healthy for your tresses anyway

-don’t know what outfit to wear! Jumpsuit or dress. These two silhouettes are my favorite go-to’s. Neither require putting together an outfit, they’re one and done. Maybe add a necklace or a bracelet, then say you’re going for the minimalistic look

When Comfort is Key: (and you don’t have to pull the athleisure look, yoga pants while not doing yoga look…I know you’ve seen that video “active wear”)

-feeling a t-shirt and jeans kinda day but don’t want to look too laid back? Go for the t-shirt, just throw on a statement necklace and thats as dressed up as you’ll have to be while still being comfy. Its like walking out of a page in a Jcrew catalogue.

-LEGGINGSSSSSS! I know people are mixed on this, but I love leggings, as long as that bum is covered. They were my best friend in college and in my first years of professional adult world. You could dress them up or down, wear with a t-shirt or under a dress/skirt. EASY EASY EASY, SOFT, and leaves room for flexibility.

-sweatpants at the office…..wait what? Yes, I am a huge supporter of comfort at the office. You spend most of your day there, might as well be in comfort. Don’t worry, these “sweatpants” are actually more like dress pants and totally pass dress code!

Other fun, funny fashion fixes: 


Have fun fashionistas. I’ll be traveling…and using some of the above quick fixes. What about you guys? whats in store for your weekends? Happy Friday and enjoy that weekend!

#frugalfashionista : mastering make up

Can’t get set up any better than this. Smashbox has come up with the perfect trio for contouring and highlighting. It even comes with a pencil sharpener and a little pamphlet that shows you how to do it based on your face shape!

I had help from the make up artist too and she really did a great job. So if you’re ever in the columbus area, look for Amy at sephora in jcp, Polaris!

Much love – MA



#frugalfashionista : navy nails

You love those black nails. And how could you not, they’re so chic and they go with everything. But sometimes you want something that feels new.

Try another deep shade like burgundy, or navy. These deep shades have the same chic effect, just a new taste for your usual black claws.

My fav navy of the moment: “577 dark huemoor” from Sally Hansen’s salon collection

Much love -MA


#frugalfashionista : great value for great quality makeup

I hate to be a hater but drugstore make up is never a good frugal option for good quality and lasting results, In my opinion and experience anyway. I used drug store make up throughout highschool and used to think people who spent more than $8 on makeup pieces were crazy….until I tried it myself.

Have you ever looked at someone in passing, so well put together, face glowing? FACE GLOWING and smooth?! It wasn’t until after I started trying out higher end make ups that I realized my face could achieve those flawless looks too!

Better make up doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank. Some of my favorites still remain in the $20 area. Not bad for flawless!

MAC lips – the thing I love about MAC is that they have almost everything in the color palette that you can’t always find in drugstores! My personal favorites, the nude palette. Even now I find it impossible to find nudes that work or even exist in drug stores. My personal favorite “creme de nude”

Urban decay, blackout eyeshadow – lasts long and has never caked on me

Bare minerals finishing powder – gives your face that photo finish clean smooth matte look. It especially helps when your face gets oily quick. I tried to use a drugstore brand to test it out as a cheaper option…def a waste of my $11.

Treat your face a little 🙂 you’ll love the results.

Much love -MA