#frugalfashionista: fine fingernails 

Who doesn’t love getting a fresh gel manicure? When you’re as addicted to them as I am it can become a costly added expense. So maybe once in a while why not DIY? I found  OPI polish at a discount at marshalls, along with that I found a gel-like topcoat set. Results don’t last as long as a real gel manicure, but it’s not a bad alternative until you’re next manicure!

Much love -MA

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#frugalfashionista : O-H-I-O

Victoria’s Secret gets me every time with their bling-ed out collegiate wear…yet I never purchase any of it bc the thought of their $30 tanks and $32 school shirts make my head hurt. HELLOOO I work in fashion I know how much that cost them to make and how much money they’re making off of consumers, eugh no thank you. So i finally stumbled across a super cute sequined collegiate tank at Marshall’s!

If you don’t know already I am a dear buckeye fan. Paying $15 rather than double the price just made way more sense to me! 

Much love – MA 

Vs option: $29 

Marshall’s option: $15