#frugalfashionista : gapinc. And their good deals!

Of course I had put away most of my sweaters and warm clothes only for New England to be hit with another weekend of snow and low temps! So while I was waiting for my hair appointment I decided to peer into some stores. Well I peered right into some pretty good sales. Perfect too that they would be winter purging Bc their winter purges served my shopping urges! 

$6.99 slub knit terry dress at old navy 

$20 ruffle sweater at banana republic 

Much love -MA

#frugalfashionista : fabulous flats

Working in fashion my first favorite are always heels. However since I’m a designer, while I may have days where in at my desk there are other days where I’m running from meeting to meeting, picking up samples, swatching fabrics, or setting up for presentations. Those are the days i need flats. I don’t have many, because like I said I tend to favor heels, but when I come across a fav find like this, I won’t pass up!

An older season, but with tonal colors they’re timeless!

Much love – MA