#frugalfashionista: show me the sample sale!!!

One of my favorite benefits as a fashion designer is that time of year when sample sale hits. That wonderful time when our corporate closets are too full of inspirational and production samples that we need to purge them. Thus they end up in the glorious sample sale for all to purchase for their own closets at a fraction of the cost. Severe savings! 

Corporate employees had the advantage of pre-shopping the sale, and boy did I have a ball with that. I reached for some fall wardrobe updates and spent only $40 in round 1. Round 2 I brought my mom for when the sale was open to the public. What did I scoop up? 5 pairs of various flats, a cloche, jewelry, and some beautiful gifting items! 

I left that sale feeling accomplished and spent no more than $200 on everything. What a treat! What a great new fall wardrobe too! 

Shopping Justice sample sales were fun, but I’d have to say shopping the talbots sample sale was even better because I could actually shop for me this time around. And the quality 👌🏻

Much love – MA


#frugalfashionista : gold for grabs

I tend to have that typical fashionista bad habit of grabbing things I didn’t intend to buy. This time it was this pair of BCBGeneration gold sandals. But how could I not? $15! Plus it’s that time of season. So I went for the gold and yes I felt like a winner. 

Much love -MA


#frugalfashionista : Nordstrom rack nights

Nordstrom rack nights must be the Tuesday night thing to do. I met a friend out for a shopping dinner date and ran into three other designers. I was in the fitting room when in strolls the footwear designer with a handful of dresses. We were mid conversation about how to alter the dress when another designer from our sister company overhears us and introduces herself. 

After that fun little meeting I head up to the cash wrap to complete my purchase and again run into another designer who had worked with me but is now at express. 

Funny how tonight seemed to be the “it” night. 

As for my purchase, I made good with ANOTHER pair of black booties to add to my already extensive collection. 

Much love – MA

#frugalfashionista : fabulous flats

Working in fashion my first favorite are always heels. However since I’m a designer, while I may have days where in at my desk there are other days where I’m running from meeting to meeting, picking up samples, swatching fabrics, or setting up for presentations. Those are the days i need flats. I don’t have many, because like I said I tend to favor heels, but when I come across a fav find like this, I won’t pass up!

An older season, but with tonal colors they’re timeless!

Much love – MA