#frugalfashionista: flask fashion 

It was the thing back in highschool to have a flask, you know…so you could sneak in that little drink in your purse or garter onto that prom dance floor 😉 
Several years later I’m still deciding it would be a nice to have. Something to decorate my scotch cabinet, and just something to make sure I’m always prepared for a good night 🙂
Much love – MA 


#frugalfashionista : stocking stuffers wine

What goes better with chocolate (from my previous posts) than wine. Stuff both In your friends stockings with these mini size wines!

You can buy a set of four at the grocery, wrap your own pretty paper around the bottle and craft a cute tag. They’re perfect for little gift givings.

-make the holidays sparkle and shine with a little bit of wine!

-much love -MA